‘In the midst of chaos, there was shape.’

Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse (1927)

I named this space after one of my favourite Woolf phrases. I find it’s a good way to summarise what life and art (any art) amount to: out of an infinity of possibilities, you and I were born, some time, some place. From countless options, the artist chose this word and not that one; drew a line or put a patch of blue, green or gold, here rather than there. Everything is entirely due to chance and arbitrariness and randomness and godknowswhat – yet here we are, here it is.

This blog is my way to make something out of what I experience as body brain self. There are millions like it out there and if this one didn’t exist the world would look the same. But perhaps my words can resonate with other people, give them pleasure or the sense that there are words for things, even insufficient, lacking, ones? Or this is what I tell myself not to be left alone with the real reason to start a blog: I love writing, I want to share my thoughts and the contours they take. It’s infinitely difficult to take that leap because it amounts to saying ‘what I have to say has value’ and that doesn’t always sit well with one. It (still) doesn’t sit well with me. (Apologetic Scribblers of the World Wide Web & Beyond, Unite!)

So, what you are likely to find here:

  • autofictional texts
  • (prose) poems (you can check out a prose poem written in English here, and a few poems in French, there)
  • ‘creative criticism’ pieces
  • photographs and ink drawings

(Bearing in mind that this can change tomorrow.)

I write in French (my first language), and in English.

I am also writing a doctoral thesis on the French and English psychoanalytic receptions of Virginia Woolf, produced between the late 1980s to the 2010s approximately. Its provisional title is: ‘Virginia Woolf Beyond the Phallus’. If you think it’s strange, it’s because it is. Psychoanalysis is weird, it’s also incredibly interesting and powerful and dangerous and fun – almost as much as Woolf.)

For the academic year 2020-21, I was one of two co-chairs for the interdisciplinary Graduate Centre for Europe (GCfE) at the University of Birmingham (UK). I am also a member of the French feminist research network Les Jaseuses.

Find out more on my Twitter: @MarieSAllegre.

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